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Year Title Length DL
2010 Tremulous with Chronometry 6:25
2008 Monolith 4:24
2008 Blaze (Remix of Explode, by Tay Zonday) 5:42
2008 Emergence 2:57
2007 Silent Rain 5:24
I'm Kyle Nystrom, and I live in Tokyo, Japan. Currently I am working for Amazon.com as a Software Development Engineer. Previously I attended the University of Oregon, where I graduated with a major in Computer and Information Science and a minor in Japanese.

I have been interested in programming since middle school, when I took a class in game development with Adobe Flash Professional. This sparked my interest to continue learning ActionScript 2.0, which was my first language. I began to teach myself how to do simplistic animations throughout the rest of middle school. In high school, I dabbled in Python and C++ while continuing to make games in ActionScript. During this period, I became engrossed in composing music, and familiarized myself with sequencers such as Propellerhead Reason and Cakewalk. I also took an interest in graphical programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

In college, I became proficient mainly in Java, JavaScript, and C, and worked with a CIS department research team to develop the web application "CampusReader". CampusReader was an NSF-funded five-year project designed to help post-secondary students with strong reading disabilities comprehend textbooks and assigned reading material more effectively. More information about the application is available here.

I am passionate about game development and design, and software developement is also a strong interest of mine. I plan to add more independently developed games to the website in the near future, so stay tuned.
In addition to creating all of the graphical content for this website, I occasionally dabble in photo editing. It's not my specialty or even something I do often, but it's a side hobby of mine that I developed during high school.
I made this for a guild in an Android game.
These are dynamic anime forum signatures I created for users. This is where I got most of my basic Photoshop experience.
These are miscellaneous programs, including animations, that I have created. Some are school projects while some were completed during my personal time, and they vary from middle school to college-level work.

DuckChat (2013)
A multi-server, multi-channel chat room

File Crawler (2012)
A directory crawler and word frequency compiler

Medieval Melee (2010)
A battle simulation game